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The Opportunity

Shopping at this boutique is unlike any other experience. They create a personalized shopping experience, where you not only find the perfect outfit for your lifestyle but also learn about how to best wear it. 

• E-commerce Setup          

• Visual Design                         

• Social Media                              

• Brand Strateg

• Photography

• Website Management

havanities website

Havanities has not only grown in sales in the last six months but also in customer loyalty. From establishing a social media presence to shooting amazing product photography, Mumi Marketing has worked hand to hand with this boutique to show the world all the beauty they bring. Mumi's has also contributed to the development of the website, creating an easy and accessible experience for customers to shop online. 

Havanities postcards

Business cards and postcards to thank every customer for their loyalty and for choosing Havanities over other boutiques in the area. Print marketing material marks the difference between your brand and the competition.  

Havanities Business Cards

Social Media

Havanities Ig - 1
Havanities Ig -02
Havanities Ig -03
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