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About Us

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Marketing is a fast-paced industry; it’s all about staying ahead of the game. That's the reason why we started our marketing agency with a simple mission: to help businesses find new customers and grow their bottom line. We believe small businesses should be able to access the same opportunities as large brands, so we give them the expertise, connections, and services they need to gain new customers in the digital age. From creating brand strategies to enhancing customer experiences, we aim to drive growth by infusing your brand with innovation.

Hi!, my name is Claudia Cedeno and I am the founder of Mumi Marketing, located in Boynton Beach, Fl. Being a small business owner for years and getting surrounded by others like me, with similar conditions and the same objectives, made me understand the needs and wants of both, sellers and customers. This was the reason I created a company that could help small brands be part of a large community with endless opportunities. 

Success not only comes from good work but also from strong and lasting relationships and that is our priority and responsibility with you.


Boynton Beach, Fl



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